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Monday, June 11, 2012


Martin, I’m afraid
You’re mistaken
Mankind is tragically flawed.

How else can you explain
            The callousness
            The mean selfishness
            And no mercy?

How else can you explain
            Parents who murder their children,
            Men who routinely beat their wives,
            The arguments among family and friends,
            And the jokes that tear down the worth
                        Of those we profess to love?

Mankind does not only separate the “other” from “My Kind”;
            It divorces itself from everybody.
            It is not color man despises, it is everyone,
                        Old, Young, Black, White, Red, Gay, Straight.

At what point do spouses cease to be lovers?
            Even lovers grant no true favors.

Incapable of trust; Tragically flawed!


October 1, 2004

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