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Saturday, November 16, 2013

I Remember

I remember the first time I saw your tiger eyes,

it was a December night with light snow.

There was chamomile tea;

instrumental music on the sound system.

Books all around. Such a homey picture.

And then I saw you, your eyes took me

to nebulai expanding, new planets coalescing

being terra-formed, amoebas sparking

and dividing somewhere. In my heart

unexpectedly there was dimensional portal that took us to quarks

building new solar systems; a new universe, a new reality

that I have never slipped from; my discorporate soul

orbiting around you. I remember your arms,

that first touch set a nebulae in my loins,

one that keeps reaching out to you

to merge; my hands through the years

keep reaching out to your hands,

even when the distance is now too great. Your touch

sets exploding super novas behind my eyes; a well

of stabilizing gravity within my heart, and in your presence

I coalesce from dark matter to solid. You

are my Higg's Boson and I keep searching for you

since then. Will keep searching for you. My heart

stays optimistic; you see

it never slipped.


Nov 2, 2013

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