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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


And yet one more April PAD madness!

This came to me today


Almost 24 hours

and not one poem about you.

Not this poem;

this poem is about hunger and missing meals,

about poverty.

This poem is about eating air as the body cries for what it needs.

It is about shivering in the dark,

cold and alone as I pray for arms to enfold me;

about not approaching you for fear of rejection.

This poem is about feeling unworthy

of the smallest kindness

and building some noble romantic tale to tell myself

on some cold lonely night after you strode away -

perhaps true, perhaps not.

This poem is about a cry that has gone silent;

so desperate, without hope, it no longer seeks your charity.

In evening's concealing dark

it simply tucks itself into a closed doorway

curls tight into its vulnerable self

and awaits an unwelcoming dawn.

This poem isn't about you.;

it should be about falling into poverty,

about losing everything,

losing hope.

It shouldn't be about you.

Almost 24 hours.


April 1, 2015

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