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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

October's Question

Why do I come over
You ask.
I can’t answer that
Completely …
How do I describe what I don’t understand,
Not sure I want to.
I can’t describe why being with you
Is like a jolt of electricity caressing me
Why standing next to you is being home
In a place I’ve never been before,
Unfamiliar but
Knowing where everything is.

I can’t explain why when I’m close to you,
Thoughts and names flow
Like half-remembered dreams I’ve never had.
I don’t know why the exhilaration,
At your touch,
Is the feeling of standing on a cliff
And not knowing which way the wind will blow.
It’s breathless, and scary and intoxicating
All at the same time.
It’s weird. It’s desire.
It would be so easy to run away from you.
To know you are there, and you could hurt me
Or I hurt you. I fear that.
The balance is tenuous, delicate,
Between how glorious it could be and how tragic.
I can’t explain that to you
For it scares me and it will scare you.

You are not some frivolous stone to pick up.
But I won’t tell you that either.
Nor am I.
But I’ll return

Three Brothers Taft Bay
CC Willow
Oct 1, 2003

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