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Tuesday, January 29, 2013



My wings are clipped
            And I am earth-bound.

I gaze up at ancient trees,
            So immense and immoveable,
And it comes to me in an instant –
My life is as transitory as a butterfly’s in their sight.

Their lives began before me
And will continue after.
Unlike my mobile being –
            Moving to and fro,
            Trying to make meaning;
A tree’s job if simply to stand there
And hold its ground,
Weave it with their roots
To give a living net
So the rain and wind
Do not wash it away.

I, a transitory creature with a span of years
Just a blink to those giants,
My feet touch the ground
But do not penetrate.
Any net I construct last only
            As long as I am physically there.
I am too often washed away
With desire, my roots fail to hold
You, slipping away like quicksilver;
Your presence a gossamer instant.

And I, a clipped butterfly shorn of my wings,
            Am earth-bound, unbound and undone.

Aug, 5, 2005
written at Blowout Creek,
near Detroit, Oregon
Leaning Tree by CC Willow

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