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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some Scars Remain Unseen

Some Scars Remain Unseen

Some scars remain unseen
            So it stays when I scarred you.

Sixteen years ago, my greatest shame
            And pain that I thought truncated

Still tears at your mind, leaving you
            Still battle-scarred and battle-wary.

Given the choice, that is the one moment
            I would change – my greatest shame

Hurting you. I suppose I didn’t want to
            Give up hope. I wanted

A new beginning, a chance to
            Make more informed choices,

To walk away from recovered wounds
            With our own reclaimed skin.

But I cannot see your scar –
            You hold me still at a distance.

Some scars remain unseen
             And I cannot heal them;

History refuses to close - the same wound
            Still causes you to reject me,

Removes me from you, leaving me
            Feeling like falling debris.

Some scars remain unseen …
            Why can we not rectify them?

August 3, 2005

Ariel Red by CC Willow

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