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Sunday, February 10, 2013

39 Things I have Learned - early piece

39 Things I Have Learned 

1) Doesn’t matter how much you don’t believe in something. If it’s true - it’s true. (My love).
2) Kindness has to be its own reward – ‘cause I will be eventually punished for it.
3) Nothing lasts forever – even the love someone professes for me.
4) Sex with the person I love is the best sex. (You)
5) Nothing is impossible – except for what I really want and need. (You, again)
6) I really want & need you in my life. (Still true.)
7) I need to take care of myself – because no one else will.
8) The people in my life will resent me for it. (Still true.)
9) What people advise me to do – they will sabotage me from doing.
10) No one will love you  & accept you as much as your cat – except me. (Always true.)
11) No matter how I plan my contingency plan, the crisis will still overtake me. (Damsn, I wish this wan't true)
12) The best experience in my life will haunt me forever. (i'm still grateful for it.)
13) The rest - I don’t remember. (You. I remember you.)

Feb 22, 2006


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