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Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Solution - an early piece

My Solution

You're looking all over to
Solve Today’s Dream,
Saving the owl...
The forests...
The air.
And, somewhere along the way,
Picked up the assumption
That man must end
For the Earth to live.
Citing historic exploitation,
You condemn mankind's future.
"Die and sin no more!"

My faith tells me the solution
Lies only with the continuation
Of man,
Instilling in the next generation
The best of man's ideals,
The sum of man's experience.
So I will create a better tomorrow
By teaching the children today.
That is how I will raise our son

Mar 12, 1991

N orthern Spotted Owl. A hot newspaper topic at the time of writing.
more than twemth years later, still is.

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