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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rainbows & Wild Geese

Rainbows and wild geese –
            I chase after both tonight,
Hoping to transfix on page
            Their image and import.
Try to reflect their gleaming
            From ink into unsettled hearts.
It is capricious trying to capture
            The bittersweet comfort each brings. 

After summer security fades
            And rain return again to the Willamette
The transient colors bloom again in the sky.
Though fated to fade
Faithfully comes back when the sun
            Again turns the moisture on fire. 

And driven to leave by nature,
            The native geese
Calls their seasonal good-byes
To the water they will always return to.
En masse, their faith will take them
To shelter and then back again.
Listening to their fall calling,
            An echo of Spring’s greeting teases the wind. 

So there are more
Than two sureties  in this life;
Death and taxes are answered
            With Rainbows and wild geese.
Returning hope that one day
            All love will be requited,
That children will only be
            Conceived and raised in love,
That mankind will prove itself
            Noble and merciful
And it will hold transient beauty
            Permanently in its heart.

Nov 20, 2005

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